ORtera Inc.

ORtera Inc. is a privately held company located in Hermosa Beach, California. Founded in 2004 by three experienced industry veterans, ORtera develops solutions for storage resource management, automating the process of optimal resource allocation based on patented models and algorithms that have been used successfully in the field at companies such as Chrysler, Kodak, Cisco, DHL and AT&T.


Dave Fisk -- Chief Scientist/Vice Chairman: Dave Fisk is the inventor of ORtera's tools and methodology, and has over 20 years of leading-edge engineering experience in mechanical design, database and software engineering for accounting, configuration management, simulation, and storage workload and storage array modeling for configuration design. He holds a U.S. patent (Virtual Index Database), and has another two patents pending for storage management. Dave is the founder of Fisk Labs, and served as Chief Knowledge Officer and Scientist at Imperial Technology/Valumation Software. Prior to Imperial, Dave developed and delivered performance engineering methodology as Principal Scientist, Sun Microsystems Network Storage. Dave is one of the world's leading storage performance experts, and is known throughout the worldwide Sun community, with several published papers in the field of storage performance.

Hans Bergsten -- COO/President: Hans has helped shape the server-side Java landscape as an active member of several Java Community Process (JCP) experts groups, and is a respected name in the server-side Java field. Hans is also the author of many articles and books, including the authoritative reference books JavaServer Pages (O'Reilly) and JavaServer Faces (O'Reilly). Hans is the founder of Gefion Software, and has more than 20 years of software development experience, including development of distributed databases, interactive development environments (IDE), distributed configuration management systems and web tier technologies. Prior to founding Gefion Software, Hans progressed from programming and software design to software development management positions over 17 years at Ericsson, the last few years focused on Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), representing Ericsson in industry-wide CTI interoperability efforts.


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